City Repro Photos - Testimonials

I'll be contacting you again soon. Looking forward to working with you again. Geri Formally GC Talents

Jun 2, 2010
Thx a lot for the copies :) i had just recieved them today

Feb 5, 2010
needing a reproduction for my headshot

Jan 3, 2010
Need reproduction of headshots
Jennae Cooper

Dec 25, 2009
Thank-you very much for my headshots. They arrived today. They came out really nice! You did an amazing job!Thank-you again,
Kaylie Umeko

Nov 4, 2009
Awesome website! I hadn't come across your company before, but now I'm really glad to know about you as a resource.
Stephan Stubbins
Oct 25, 2009
Hi Alex, I received the head shots and they are beautiful. Thanks for the quick turnaround in a number of areas -- from answering my questions and providing me guidance to producing the final product. You are easy to work with, straightforward and honest. Thanks, Vikki

Jul 25, 2009
After many terrible experiences at Reproductions, I am so relieved to have found City Repro. The prices are reasonable and the quality of my pictures- amazing.
Tonya Doarn

Oct 9, 2008
Alex rox.
Ben Robinson
Sep 29, 2008
Hello! I just wanted to let you know that my headshots came in the mail today and they are absolutely perfect. Thank you so much!
Kati McCarron

Sep 24, 2008
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